Making An Impact

It is so simple to become involved with 100+ Women Who Care Victoria, and we hope you will be inspired to join us.

All you have to do is attend four meetings a year. No volunteering, no telemarketing, no event planning, no silent auction donations to solicit. It’s simply a great way to give back right in your own community. Your commitment is one year and a $100 donation times four meetings (although we encourage you to stay on for as long as you can!).

Read what one of our winning charities had to say:

'My name is David Smith, I am on the board of directors at Need2. I have not had a chance to speak with each of my co-members personally since your gift arrived however from the emails that have crossed my eyes the news of your most generous offering has sent a shock wave of surprise, excitement, and gratitude amongst the board, the staff, directors and volunteers.

From this board member to you and your caring associates I send you my most sincere thanks.

On a personal note I am lost for words in my attempt to express the vast greatness of this gift. I am sometimes frustrated that our message at Need2 is not disseminated to venues where it is obviously needed due to financial constraints, this gift will most certainly help us break though those restraints, yet I see a more subtle picture here. This gift is acknowledgement by you and your associates that there truly is an issue to address. What I have been exposed to in my personal life and in my time at Need2 is an omnipresent tragedy well concealed in the aching hearts of our children, husbands, best friends and coworkers. Concealed until it is often too late.

I suspect your group will continue to make a grand difference in our communities and in our homes. I am humbled and I am honored. Please know that what each of you have contributed to Need2 is magnificent, life-saving, and inspirational.'

Peace to you all.
Thank you so much,

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